Stephen A. Sadow, PhD. (Harvard University) is Professor of Latin American literature and Jewish Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Specializing in Jewish Latin American literature, he is the author, editor, or translator of sixteen books and more than seventy book chapters, articles and literary translations. His book King David’s Harp: Autobiographical Essays by Jewish Latin American Writers won the 1999 National Jewish Book Award for Autobiography/Memoir.
His translations to English include Mestizo (2000), a novel by the Argentine writer Ricardo Feierstein and The Algarrobos Quartet (2002), four short novels by Mario Goloboff, also from Argentina. In collaboration with the American poet Jim Kates, he translated the poetry collection Los autorretratos y las máscaras/Self-Portraits and Masks (2002) by the Peruvian poet Isaac Goldemberg. Sadow’s translation of Unbroken: From Auschwitz to Buenos Aires, the autobiography of Charles Papiernik (a survivor of Auschwitz who lives in Buenos Aires) was published in 2004.
With Ricardo Feierstein, he has directed in 2001, 2003, and 2005. Jewish cultural festivals called “Encuentros” or “Get-togethers” that attracted thousands of attendees, first in Buenos Aires and later in Rosario. For each “Encuentro”, they published the proceedings in book form. With Miryam Gover de Nasatsky, Sadow, created the website “Jewish Latin American Art,” that exhibits the work of one hundred twenty artists from eleven countries.

Miryam E. Gover de Nasatsky, BS in Education (National University of the Littoral,Argentina). Teacher and researcher. With a fellowship from the National Fund for the Arts, she edited the Bibliografía de Alberto Gerchunoff [A Bibliography of Alberto Gerchunoff]. With Ana Weinstein, she published the two volumes of Escritores judeo-argentinos. Bibliografía 1900-1987 [Jewish-Argentinean Writers: A Bibliography 1900-1987]. Also, Gover de Nasatsky, Ana Weinstein and Roberto Nasatsky described the diversity of musical activity in Trayectorias musicales judeo-argentinas [Jewish-Argentinean Musical Trajectories].
Since the plastic arts constitute another aspect of Jewish Latin American creativity, Miryam Gover de Nasatsky and Professor Stephen Sadow (Northeastern University, Boston) developed the website that brings together the work of more than one hundred artists, so that this art can be disseminated and studied.
Miryam Gover de Nasatsky has presented papers at international conferences. She is a contributor to various Argentinean literary magazines: El Grillo, Letras de Buenos Aires, Francachela and the newspaper La Capital in Mar del Plata, as well as Alba de América and La serpiente emplumada, both published in the United States. In these periodicals, she publishes book reviews, poetry, and short stories. Gover de Nasatsky is the author of a book of poems Persistentes vibraciones [Persistent Vibrations] and an historical novel La pasión de un visionario-Theodor Herzl [The Passion of a Visionary-Theodor Herzl].


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